About Us

Rhoda Brimberry
Owner and Co-Founder, Chief Picker

A long-time lover of vintage wares and crafting, Rhoda embodies the Loot spirit by infusing her clever wit and delight into every task. She continues to amaze her fellow Looters with her impressive ability to juggle a plethora of plates in the air. It’s not uncommon to find her perusing Craigslist, brainstorming new Loot Handmade offerings, and dyeing bucket-loads of fabric for a custom backdrop – all the while whipping up a tasty dinner for her family. When she’s not on duty, you can sometimes find her at a little hole-in-wall karaoke bar busting out the lyrics to “Under Pressure” or cheering on her Alma Mater, the Arkansas Razorbacks, with her intimidating hog call. Needless to say, Rhoda is the honey to Anna’s toddy.

Anna Crelia
Owner and Co-Founder, Chief Scavenger

The julep to Rhoda’s mint and fellow lefty, Anna is a beacon of style and elegance. She’s equal parts creative and analytical.  While sipping on a coconut La Croix, Anna’s been known to sketch out a perfect new furniture design and start construction all before the oven timer dings alerting of her finished key lime pie. She will belt out Taylor Swift lyrics uncontrollably while managing the books and can quickly style a bookshelf before you can say “shake it off.”


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